Scripting in Unity

Unity - Scripting

Unity – Scripting

In this article, I will introduce you to scripting in Unity 3.5. Unity is a powerful game editor that only limits you to what you can imagine. Scripting is where the magic happens which will bring your games to life. I assume the reader is familiar the Unity interface, if not you can refer to my previous article titled Introduction to Unity (

This article is intended for designers and artists who have no previous programming experience. For this reason, I will go into details about JavaScript syntax that the experienced programmer may find boring.

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Unity Asset Pipeline, GameObjects and Components

Unity - Assets

Unity – Assets

In the previous article titled Introduction to Unity 3.5 I introduced the Unity interface and we created a simple project that shows a rotating cube. In this article, I want to introduce some basic Unity concepts such as the Asset pipeline and the GameObject-Component model and introduce a few of the Components that Unity provides. I will not go into too much detail about the different components in this article (I will dedicate a different article for each of the more complex components such as Terrain, Particle Effects, Physics, Audio, and Scripts).

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