Graphics Programming 3 (GRP3)

The first Graphics Programming course introduces the student to programming graphics applications that utilize the power of the GPU. This course focuses on the OpenGL API but the student is encouraged to investigate the functionality offered by the Microsoft DirectX API as well.

  1. Introduction to OpenGL and GLSL
  2. 3D Math Primer for Game Programmers (Vector Operations)
  3. 3D Math Primer for Game Programmers (Coordinate Systems)
  4. 3D Math Primer for Game Programmers (Matrices)
  5. Understanding the View Matrix
  6. Transformation and Lighting
  7. Rendering Primitives
  8. Texturing and Lighting
  9. OpenGL Extensions
  10. Vertex Buffer Objects
  11. Particle Effects
  12. Multi-Textured Terrain
  13. Skeletal Animation

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