The articles on are written for the courses that I teach at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. These courses include Game Engines, Graphics Programming, and General Purpose GPU Programming (GPGPU).

Graphics Programming

The first Graphics Programming course introduces the student to programming graphics applications that utilize the power of the GPU. This course focuses on the OpenGL API but the student is encouraged to investigate the functionality offered by the Microsoft DirectX API as well.

  1. Introduction to OpenGL
  2. Rendering Primitives
  3. Texturing and Lighting
  4. OpenGL Extensions
  5. Vertex Buffer Objects
  6. Particle Effects
  7. Multi-Textured Terrain
  8. Skeletal Animation

Graphics Programming 2

The Graphics Programming 2 course introduces the programmable shader pipeline. This course uses Cg to create custom vertex and fragment programs.

  1. Introduction to Cg
  2. Transformation and Lighting
  3. Environment Mapping
  4. Normal Mapping
  5. Shadow Mapping
  6. GPU Skinning

General Purpose GPU Programming

This course introduces the student to programming massively parallel applications using CUDA on NVIDIA graphics processors.

  1. Introduction to CUDA
  2. Thread Execution
  3. Memory Model
  4. OpenGL Interoperability
  5. Introduction to OpenCL
  6. Optimizing CUDA Applications
  7. CUDA Case Study – N-Body Simulation

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